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The New Remote Control for Your Smartphone

The word “SMART” nowadays not only defines a person, this word is now more related to technology. Smart TV and Smartphones have now become a household name. The latest comes Smartwatches which are trending these days and people are ordering frequently online as it’s a perfect gift for this Diwali or coming Christmas.

With a history of a normal working wristwatch than to a digital one and now smart, wristwatches, they are always styled statements in every stage of transformation. If you are mistaking the smartwatch just shows time or a better digital version you are wrong. As you read this article you will know what a smartwatch can do for you, I am sure you will run to grab one. It’s like you are wearing a mini-computer or a smartphone on your wrist.


While you are out for a family picnic or a meeting, your smartwatch reflects all your alerts and notifications of important events and activities. The user can glance them on the watch without removing the phone from the pocket or bag. It notifies you about your emails, alerts you about payments and messages from social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. You can also modify your notifications according to the accessible customized sensors available on your smartwatch. The smartwatch is usually enabled once you connect it with your smartphone via  SIM.

Call/messaging Features:

The user can remain connected as one can make and receive calls from the smartwatch. The cellular connectivity facilitates the user making a call or answering it through the smartwatch without removing the phone. This is one of the most popular characteristics of a speaker attachment, as you would never miss a phone call if you are in a crowded place, or you can skip a call if you think it’s not important to attend. You can also answer your messages via voice.


You can now keep a track of your daily health routine. This excellent element of a smartwatch helps as it set up your fitness goals. It manages your ECG, blood pressure, counts on your steps, distance covered, heart rate, pulse rate, amount of sleep, pedometers, and lots more. Some go beyond and also give you health suggestions according to your body requirements. Waterproof smartwatches are available for swimmers and trekkers too.

These are basic functions that almost all smartwatches have. There are some extra added features too which makes it a great companion for your smartphone



Smartwatches come with google assistance, which means it can be your perfect travel buddy. Traveling to an unknown city becomes easier as it gives detailed directions, like turning left or right, etc. More than a google map can do.


Sync your smartwatch with your smartphone Bluetooth and listen to your favorite music tracks even if you are offline. You can also enjoy your short Youtube videos while traveling or during small breaks. So now having a walk on your treadmill or just waiting for someone in a restaurant doesn’t bore you and your hands are free.

Battery life

We usually do not like to remove our watches except during a night’s sleep or going for a shower. These smartwatches have a battery life of up to 6 days. So you can charge them at weekends. With a low battery on your smartphone, you can still carry your work.

Fall detection/ Find your phone

You can find your phone since you have kept it on silent or it’s under the sofa or mixed with your stuff in your purse, it’s so frustrating. You need not bother others, your smartwatch can detect your phone within no time, with a “Find phone” feature available on it.

If you had a fall, your smartwatch is capable of detecting it and dial an emergency call to your family or friends, if you don’t respond for a longer period.


You can customize your smartwatch with different types of belts available to make it a style statement rather than a gadget. From a leather belt to a metal belt different options are available.

You change the wallpaper for your phone now and then according to your mood or occasion. Similarly, you can do that for your smartwatch. You can change the face of your smartwatch, like weekends you can keep a dancing mickey mouse, or during meetings, you change it into a more formal face. The watches are  not just available for men but for female friendly too, with feminine types of dial designs women can choose from.


With the world going paperless payments, you need to constantly get reminded to pay your bills on time via different payment apps. The smartwatch does this exactly, it will send you alerts of payments you have to make on-time and you can do that through your smartwatch before it becomes due.

Some useful tips

 Check the compatibility

Before buying a smartwatch check if  it matches the OS of your phone. Apple watches only work for IPhone, whereas Samsung only for android phones, Fitbit is compatible for both android and IPhone.


The smartwatches come  with many display options like OLED, AMOLED,LCD, it all depends on your budget. If you are going to use more of your smartwatch with lots of functions than use should go for a slightly bigger screen so that you don’t waste your time in typing or fidgeting ss small screens are hard to handle.

Battery life and Pricing

There is no point in purchasing  a smartwatch if you need to charge it now and then. So check the battery life and features like,  how you can save battery life when your apps are silent. Check, if you are paying a high price for a smart watch , see that you get maximum features in return.

So now you can make out that smartwatches just not only tells time or set alarms or act like stopwatch, they do much beyond that. You can say they are like remote controls for your smartphones. One can take specific smartwatches according to your needs, like if you are a music lover, swimmer, or a fitness freak all are available with added features. As time goes, surely, they will be more advanced in the coming years.

Apple, Pebble, Samsung, Fitbit, are leading companies who have designed and manufactured some of the best smartwatches.

You can check them on Amazon and Flipkart. If these don’t fit your budget, there is no need to get upset, there are many other companies who design smartwatches starting with the price of just Rs 2999. Go and pick one of yours !!!








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